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History & Background


  • Streetscape Plan Adopted by City Council (July 2011)
  • The approved project is built upon previous work conducted by various advisory committees assembled from 2003-2009


  • Preliminary Engineering work
  • Plan refinements based on engineering details and budget considerations


  • Design Details/Catalog (examples of streetscape furniture)
  • Environmental Review (Project Level)
  • Design refinements (budget/engineering)
  • Miller Avenue Business Forum (co-hosted with Chamber of Commerce)
  • Coordination with utility and water companies regarding proposed work


  • Continued coordination with Chamber of Commerce to Miller Avenue owners/businesses/residents
  • March: City Council approves final design and authorizes the release of construction-related Request for Proposals
  • May: Award Construction Contract.
  • June: Construction begins.

History. Miller Avenue is one of two main arterials providing access in to and out of Mill Valley, and has functioned as a main arterial into town since 1890.

Past Committee Work. See the Development of the Streetscape Plan (2009-2011).

 Thank you to all of the members of the public who participated in committees and working groups that will make this project possible!