Adult Reading Challenge 2019:

24 Books to Change Your Mind

Be bold this year! Delve into significant social issues impacting our world through 24 books of your choice.

Challenge yourself to read 1-2 books each month on our Finding Common Ground topics, from education to food policy. Earn 1 raffle ticket per book (up to 2 tickets per month for your reading), and earn up to 3 additional tickets for attending our Views & Voices programs.

When: January 7th  2019 – December 31st 2019

Goal: Read 24 books exploring significant social issues.

Who: Adults and high school students.


  1. Register online or in person.
  2. Pick up your 4-month reading log at the reference desk.
  3. Read 1-2 books on our monthly topic. Choose your own titles or take a look at our suggested books lists (links below). Books can be non-fiction or fiction, in any format. Earn up to 2 tickets per month.
  4. Earn additional tickets for each Views and Voices library program you attend.
  5. Record your reading and program activities in your log. Each month, bring in your log to collect your tickets.
  6. Every quarter, we’ll hold a raffle for awesome prizes.
  7. Pick up a new log every 4 months and see where the adventure leads!


Final Monthly Topics (with links to suggested books):

September - Online Privacy

October - Religious Freedom

November - Mental Health

December - Race & Identity


Second quarter topics (with links to suggested books):

May - How do you change a system from within?

June - How does income inequality affect us all?

July - Where does your food come from?

August - What is the price of education?


First quarter topics (with links to suggested books):

January – Politics & Campaign Finance

February – Gender (Identity and Social Structure)

March – Consent, Sexual Assault, #MeToo

April – Immigration, Documented and Undocumented


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