Introduction of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Tracking Tool & Process

March 17, 2021

On February 18, 2021 Council considered the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Work Plan prepared by staff in response to the Mill Valley DEI Task Force’s Report & Recommendations. While Council did not approve the DEI Task Forces’ top two recommendations to appoint a permanent DEI Commission and develop a facilitator-driven Racial Equity Plan, Council gave full support to 45 specific, tactical, actionable, measurable recommendations to meaningfully advance racial equity in Mill Valley.

Attached is a table that will track the process of each of these recommendations to conclusion. (Updated September 20, 2021)

Next Steps:

City Manager Piombo has directed each Department Director to review the Work Plan areas in their purview, and to engage members of the community through established City Boards, Commissions, Committees, community groups and partner agencies. 

Moving forward, at future publicly noticed and open City Council meetings, staff will prepare reports for community input and Council consideration and direction. Staff reports will include proposed performance measures, timelines, and the appropriate lead staff, department, or advisory body assigned to the item. 

  • For recommendations that staff has concluded the City is already doing, staff will describe each recommendation and the steps the City is currently employing. The staff report length will vary depending on the complexity of each recommendation.
  • For recommendations that need additional research or consideration, and for those staff has recommended a proposed alternative approach, staff will make recommendations to Council, receive community input, and Council will give further direction as the item moves to implementation.

Community members will receive the Staff Reports ahead of the meetings and will be invited to submit comments, suggestions, and questions. At Council meetings, staff will present the information, respond to Councilmember questions, receive public comment and then Council will deliberate on the item and and either conclude that the item has been adequately addressed or give further direction to staff.

With this tracking tool and the above-mentioned process, the City intends to provide many opportunities for input from community members, and a clear and transparent tracking tool so that community members can gauge progress.

City Council and staff are committed to intentionally consider racial equity by taking an internal look at our institutional structures, our practices, our policies, and how we might change them.

We are committed to a transparent and serious examination of each of the 45 recommendations Council accepted in the meeting of February 18, 2021. We believe this work is important to the future success of our community and invite you to join us.

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